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by Jason Myers

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Recorded from the concert "Get A Room and Other Love Songs". An eclectic mix or original music from sentimental ballads to comedic novelties with three covers peppered in.

recorded December 1, 2013, in El Cerrito, CA.


released January 14, 2014

Jason Myers: piano
Dave Wellhausen: engineering
Linda Baker and Hillside Community Church: host




Jason Myers

"Most of the music here are originals and unless otherwise stated, you choose to pay anywhere from $0 to "my kid's college tuition.""--Jason Myers

Jason Myers is a pianist and composer who has been performing professionally for over 25 years. He has an extensive repertoire of standards from the 1930's and 1940's. His compositions range from sentimental ballads to country novelties.
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Track Name: (You're) The Catch Of The Day
By Jason Myers

I’ll bring the poles
And you bring the bait
Let’s head to the reservoir and make it a date
I heard the fish are jumpin’ I can hardly wait
So, Honey, please don’t delay

They got large mouth, small mouth, catfish, and trout
Some bigger than a Buick, man, they’ll knock you out
But even if I get no fish there’s still no doubt
I’ll be leavin’ with THE CATCH OF THE DAY

The first time that I saw you walkin’ down the street
It’s a moment I will never forget
And you flashed that smile at me that is oh, so sweet
And I stopped and told my heart, “Hey, man, better get the net!”

Eatin’ bass for dinner may be too ambitious
‘Cause we could spend all day and still go home with no fishes
Makes no difference to me ‘cause you fulfill my wishes
‘Cause, Baby, you’re THE CATCH OF THE DAY

Your engaging conversation and “come hither” look
And your perfect ears were the lure
And then you started whisperin’ French and set the hook
I thought, “Mon Dieu! J’ai trouvé le pêche du jour!”

I can’t believe my luck that I can call you mine
I’ve never had a fishin’ partner look so fine
I love the way you pull the slack out of my line
Track Name: Get A Room
I'm not opposed to public displays of affection
In fact, it's kind of nice to see in these troubled times
A peck on the cheek, holding hands,
Blurting out in a crowded room, "I love you, Man!"
Yet, when it resembles a life-saving actI have an objection
Call me old-fashioned, a prude, whatever it be
I must draw the line.

You're both in love
Looks like a fine romance
Who wouldn't want to be there given half the chance?
But may I offer a suggestion
to the bride and the groom
Spare us the indigestion

Spring is here
And love is in the air
It has become apparent
you have a lot to share
I can see quite clearly
That young love is in bloom
And I'm asking quite sincerely
that you GET A ROOM

This really isn't the time or the place
Those things should remain in the privacy of the home
Boy, it's a drag to have it shoved in my face
Especially when I'm sittin' here all alone

We'll pass the hat
I'm sure we'll all chip in
Collect enough donations
For the Holiday Inn
And to sweeten the pot
I'll even throw in a broom
To help you clean up your act
Track Name: My Heart On The Sleeve
A pledge and a promise
An oath and a vow
Read, understood, and signed
The words that were spoken
Have no meaning now
The breach can be clearly defined

An error in judgement
Was your alibi
You thought it was true love
But you were naive
You whispered, "Forever."
Then you said goodbye
And you washed the shirt with MY HEART ON THE SLEEVE

A master's illusion
From your sleight of hand
You said I had nothing to fear
Under your power
Your wish my command
Then you made your love disappear

I fell for your magic
I cannot deny
A wave of your wand
And you made me believe
You whispered, "Forever."
Then you said goodbye
And you washed the shirt with MY HEART ON THE SLEEVE

I've pulled up my bootstraps
A stiff upper lip
They say that this, too, shall end
I've held it together
But losin' my grip
Heartache is my only friend

The tears that are formin'
I cannot defy
Our time spent together
I sit here and grieve
You walked out forever
When you said goodbye
And you washed the shirt with MY HEART ON THE SLEEVE
Track Name: The Promised Land
Early last evening I was walkin’ by the river
Headed down near the dock
wadin’ in the water with souls to deliver
Was a preacher man and his flock

But then I caught a glimpse of someone over on the side
Lyin’ down on the river bank
She had a smile and a body that she didn’t try to hide
Made me want to kneel down and give thanks.

As I stood there thinking this could be my lucky day
I heard some angels singin’ as she started comin’ towards my way

I’ve never been a religious man
‘Cause there’re too many things that I don’t understand
But as she was approaching me walking in the sand
I thought, “Glory Hallelujah! It’s THE PROMISED LAND!”

She had a heavenly body sent down from above
That was swayin’ to and fro
And eyes that revealed she was thinking of
Thoughts sent up from below

I said
It’s nice to meet you but she simply told me “Hush”
Then she whispered things to me
That woulda made the Devil blush

I’ve never been a religious man
‘Cause there’re too many things that I don’t understand
But she kissed me on the cheek and took me by the hand
Then she led me down to THE PROMISED LAND

She took me back beneath the trees
And anointed my desire
‘Til the temperature kept risin’
To a baptism by fire

I’ve never been a religious man
‘Cause there’re too many things that I don’t understand
But then I met an angel who took me by the hand
And she showed me the light and THE PROMISED LAND
Track Name: I Am In Heaven
Spend the whole day fishin’
Where dreams reach fruition
That’s what I imagine my heaven to be

But I’m in no hurry
And don’t have to worry
‘Cause I AM IN HEAVEN when you are with me

If Peter should turn me away at the gate
And says there’s more work left to do
I’ll gladly return and I’ll sit here and wait
And spend the time thinking of you

If my thoughts of ascension
are merely pretension
And there’s no chance in Hell to reach Heaven for me

It won’t be the ending
If I’m not ascending
‘Cause I AM IN HEAVEN when you are with me

If they say I’m not quite what they’re looking for
And my application’s denied
I’ll smile and say thank you as they close the door
And tell them this dude will abide

‘Cause If I’m forsaken
Or they were mistaken
‘and I’m left in limbo for eternity

Won’t be disappointed
If I’m not anointed
‘Cause I AM IN HEAVEN when you are with me