(You're) The Catch Of The Day

by Jason Myers

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By Jason Myers

I’ll bring the poles
And you bring the bait
Let’s head to the reservoir and make it a date
I heard the fish are jumpin’ I can hardly wait
So, Honey, please don’t delay

They got large mouth, small mouth, catfish, and trout
Some bigger than a Buick, man, they’ll knock you out
But even if I get no fish there’s still no doubt
I’ll be leavin’ with THE CATCH OF THE DAY

The first time that I saw you walkin’ down the street
It’s a moment I will never forget
And you flashed that smile at me that is oh, so sweet
And I stopped and told my heart, “Hey, man, better get the net!”

Eatin’ bass for dinner may be too ambitious
‘Cause we could spend all day and still go home with no fishes
Makes no difference to me ‘cause you fulfill my wishes
‘Cause, Baby, you’re THE CATCH OF THE DAY

Your engaging conversation and “come hither” look
And your perfect ears were the lure
And then you started whisperin’ French and set the hook
I thought, “Mon Dieu! J’ai trouvé le pêche du jour!”

I can’t believe my luck that I can call you mine
I’ve never had a fishin’ partner look so fine
I love the way you pull the slack out of my line


released July 20, 2013




Jason Myers

"Most of the music here are originals and unless otherwise stated, you choose to pay anywhere from $0 to "my kid's college tuition.""--Jason Myers

Jason Myers is a pianist and composer who has been performing professionally for over 25 years. He has an extensive repertoire of standards from the 1930's and 1940's. His compositions range from sentimental ballads to country novelties.
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